RiddlePort: Much like Magrimar, RiddlePort is an oceonside hub. The notable difference is RiddlePort is not controlled by the king. At least it is not believed to be. Though what is known about who or what controlls riddle port, is very little. It is a town inundated with crime, corruption and blight. Not a place for women and children. Not a place for the feint of heart. Home to Pirates, theives and assassins. The only two things keeping RiddlePort from ripping itself apart are fear and greed.

Fear of the Zuna. A gang of gangs. These secrative organizations controlled large swatsh of riddleport. Tho riddleport is too big and divided for any one politic the Zuna controlled the most by committee. Their grip is tight and as such businesses thrive with their protection. And the Zuna were VERY liberal with their allowed business practices. The rules were, if it generates lots of money, its an allowed business practice. As long as you paid the rent and the fees.

Greed was the only other driving force behind Riddleports prospertity and legend – because anything was for sale. It is important to remember to travel with a party. Be prepared. Bandits at every turn because the only reason to be in riddleport was to give someone money for service, or be paid in gold for YOUR services.


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