The city and region of Korvosa

Players that discover Korvosa for the first time gain 100xp.

Crime is low. Security is high.
Lawful Neutral

Korvosa is the seat of the Ancestral Human Lineage (the monarchy). The last of the royal families, including the King of Varisia. You see banners of a once strong nation that is quickly becoming second class. But their numbers are returning and human families are starting to expand once again. This great migration is quickly revealing benefits and challenges.

Because the Kodar Mountains are quite impassible, pilgrims have spread due west toward Magrimar by first crossing Banks of the Great Riverand The Great Plains.

Areas of Interest in Korvosa
Dragons Head Inn of Korvosa-
The first floor of the Inn is an open bar room. There is a kitchen entrance at one end of the bar. On the opposite end of the bar, there is a secret passage. Flashing your Foundation Sigal will gain you entrance with the barkeep.
The basement , through the secret entrance at the bar, reveals a secret passage to the Apothacary

The Barracks and the Inner City-
The Captain of the Guard – Korvosa can be found here. Korvosa City guards and the Captain’s Guards reside here. There is a common house, a courtyard and a mess hall. There is only one gate into the inner city and its through the porticoes entryway.
The Entrance is guarded by Captain’s Guard and this is the most well guarded region of Korvosa and possibly the region. The Kings Keep is within the Inner City.


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