Banks of the Great River

The players must cross the great river to get to Korvosa.

The players have found and understand how the great river is crossed by crossing barge and is not crossed by horses.

There are several small communities along the river banks.

The players have visited Melfesh briefly. They have entered the Wandering Goat. The Wandering Goat is a meeting place for the region’s Militia, the Melfesh Militia.

Abken is north of the lake toward Kaer Maga.

Ilsurian and Biston are on the lakes northern coast. Biston was found ablaze. Its people forced to migrate over night have caused an influx of inhabitants in Melfesh and along the roads heading to most major cities.

Illsurian, whistledown and Wartle are south of the Lake on the river to Magrimar.

Banks of the Great River

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