Lands End

The Crossroads and the Great Plains
At a cross in the road, the players must choose their direction.


The Crossroads is an encounter in the Great Plains.

As the players depart Korvosa through the Great Western Gates they head toward Ashwood via Melfesh. After leaving town and into the first evening it is uneventful.

Just a days travel outside of Korvosa Xebeche explains he must go his own way and heads North to Kaer Maga via Abken. Along the road the Captain’s Guard describe the heroics of the Captain of the Guard, the nature of the suprise attack, near the Temple of Pharasma. The Captain and his closest Knights were nearly bested by the attack if not for their knowing the Temple was close by. Their retreat, and the presence of the healing powers of the priests and priestess gave them enough life to return to Korvosa. While the Captain and his men recover Nolan, one of the Captain’s Knights rallys an advance team to seek out what is going on near Ashwood Forest.

The adventurers stumble upon an attack on the road. They fend off being attacked themselves but a horn of calling goes off and reinforcements are called. Frox manages to kill a mounted goblin on a wolf. Frox himself is mortally wounded but revived from near death by Inez. Among the other dead were human archers and goblin archers. It appears they were working together and when reinforcements come its a human on horseback as well as a goblin on a wolf. Seeing that their other party members were dead, they all disengage along with the cloaked human archer. While tending to the dead horses Inez notices a chest.

Nolan and all but two city guards perish. The two city guards are ordered to return to Korvosa and deliver the message to the Captain that humans and Goblins are working together.

Greagahla finds and keeps a Captain’s Guard badge as well as a longsword, light crossbow. The party splits all gold and Greagahla and Inez each take a diamond and a ruby. Frox takes Nolans red cape and wears it as a sash. As they are searching the dead a small figure mounted on a strange planar beast ambles into view. He is curious and examines a ring Inez pulls out of a chest. Inez takes a map off of one of the human archers marking several points of importance.

Bitson, Melfesh and Abken are marked as well as the Barbarian’s home farm region and several markings along the cliffs on the Northern edge of Ashwood forest. Kaer Maga is also markered.

The Barbarian goes his own way and the Party of Three departs the boat dock in Melfesh accross Lake Syrantula. Staying close to shore they travel several hours and as dusk approaches the last boat to Biston approaches Biston. Upon closer inspection the small fishing village is ablaze. The ship is ordered to run aground just beyond Biston. The party hastily makes their way to Ashwood Forest and narrowly avoid detection by another party of Goblins. Inez takes refuge in the trees and the others on the ground. With Inez as their guide, for several days they slowly and carefully make their way deeper into Ashwood Forest. This battle gives the adventurers a much deeper understanding of their abilities, as well as experience in battle. They become more confident in their abilities and more aware of their shortcomings.

(1300xp for the entire encounter.)

The Road to Korvosa
Our Heros Make their way along the road to Korvosa

After receiving a masterwork dagger from her master, The Oracle leaves the temple in the company of the city guardsmen towards Korvosa. She learns skills in survival, use of her dagger, handling animals and asks about speaking with the King.

Frox surprises a caravan on the road. With the element of surprise he kills two armored men that appear to be city guards. Frox’s sudden blood rage was tempered by the level headed Half-Elf Inez who managed to convince him not to kill the party’s pack mules. The remaining humans ran away.
After searching the pack mule Frox finds family heir loom items of value. They are sold at the Dragon’s Head Inn – as well as the pack mule. Though financially helpful, the adventurers no longer have a pack mule and are once again fully encumbered by their packs.

After several nights on the road to Korvosa the party of three learns that in the dark of night Wolves, other caravans and Parties of the City’s Guard have also been encountered Banks of the Great River.

All characters are now known to the City Guard/Captain’s Guard as well as known to the Foundation in the context of the Dragon’s Head Inn in Korvosa ( except the oracle was not present at the Inn). Xebeche has reached the secret outpost at the Dragon’s Head Inn and since he already has a reputation, through past participation with the Foundation’s causes (and being dwarf!), was invited in. Without armor or obvious weapons Xebeche was not paid by the guard to join their call, but they don’t in anyway prevent the Monk from tagging along with their little search party.

Xebeche consulted the Seer in the Apothecary at the Dragon’s Head Inn. He was advised to seek out his Master, and communication was sent through the Foundations secret communication network.

Xebeche has accepted the Foundation’s mission to get more information about the disturbance in Ashwood.
The Oracle has an armor room montage after being denied audience with the king.
Frox andInez accept the Captains Guard’s Call to Arms, the Oracle has taken the opportunity to arm herself with a new morning star and joins the call.

The party, now joined by the 3 Captain’s Guard that survived the surprise attack mostly unharmed and two additional City Guard Recruits. The party, now at full strength with their forces joined and their packs full, has left Korvosa and by dusk has left the city mostly behind them on their way to Ashwood.

On the open road, our heros will need to be well prepared for combat.

Fleeing Ashwood
Day 1

Varisia_map_day1.jpgThe players encountered small humanoids.

Send DJ a msg that says, “I read the news today, Oh boy” Your character will get 50xp, it will cost you 5sp (for the paper of course).

Campaign Creation
Day 0

Players and the things we know:

In the land of Varisia 4 travelers have embarked on a journey. (Best movie voice)

Carly The Oracle
Evan as Xebeche
Lucas aka Marlin Frox
Laura the Druid Inez

DJ’s Rogue Rondaeh Vez

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