The land of Varisia is once again thrown into turmoil.


Varisia is a war torn land. More than half its lands scorched and burned. More than 3/4s of its inhabitants – now only ghosts.

But it is a resilient land. With resilient inhabitants.

Before the thousands of years of war, many legends were told about a time where all the different races lived separately in their own ancestral lands. There was peace and though there were conflicts. Many disputes were settled on the field. Now after thousands of years of war, the lands are scorched. The people are scattered to the wind, and the land has been dying faster than it was growing for over a hundred years – until recently.

Major regions are:
Kaer Maga. An ancient capital. A dead city reborn and full of life. A convergence of races and social classes. No Law, only survival. There is only one way into Kaer Maga, the great gates. Thousands of weary travelers pass through these gates. Seeking refuge from the Cinderlands. Kaer Magas city walls appear impenetrable, standing 40ft high and made of solid rock assembled on the backs of orc slaves.

Korvosa: Ancestral human lineage. The last of the royal families. A once strong nation that is quickly becoming second class. But their numbers are returning and human families are starting to expand once again. This great migration is quickly revealing benefits

Magrimar: A merchants paradise. Humans still hold this ancient port city. The most populous city in all of Varisia. Many of the heroes of recent conflicts call Magrimar home. It is also home of the Southern Nords. They dock their massive sea faring vessels and disembark on grand adventures of their own.

Riddleport: Much like Magrimar, Riddleport is an Oceanside hub. The notable difference is Riddleport is not controlled by the king. At least it is not believed to be. Though what is known about who or what controls riddle port, is very little. It is a town inundated with crime, corruption and blight. Not a place for women and children. Not a place for the feint of heart. Home to Pirates, thieves and assassins. The only two things keeping Riddleport from ripping itself apart are fear and greed.

Fear of the Zuna. A gang of gangs. These secretive organizations controlled large swathes of Riddleport. Tho Riddleport is too big and divided for any one politic the Zuna controlled the most by committee. Their grip is tight and as such businesses thrive with their protection. And the Zuna were VERY liberal with their allowed business practices. The rules were, if it generates lots of money, its an allowed business practice. As long as you paid the rent and the fees.

Greed was the only other driving force behind Riddleport’s prosperity and legend – because anything was for sale. It is important to remember to travel with a party. Be prepared. Bandits at every turn because the only reason to be in Riddleport was to give someone money for service, or be paid in gold for YOUR services.

It was only 10 years ago that rumors started that water was flowing back into Kaer Maga. The Cinderlands, once dead now appear to be teaming with desolate life. Hard life. lifeforms adapted for the harsh Cinderland climate. The SUPER natural aura sensed all over Varisia.

Lands End

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